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The Algarve is one of Europe’s best surfing destinations.

The surf conditions here are consistent, with hot summers and often T-shirt weather in the winter, it makes southern Portugal a popular destination all year long.

From gentle beach breaks to heavy point breaks, surfers can find every type of wave they desire!
The two coasts of the Algarve complement each other perfectly – if the waves on the west coast too large, catch the waves of the south coast in countless hidden bays.
More than 30 surf spots can be reached within a maximum of half an hour’s drive. Finding a surf spot is great excuse to explore the adventurous trails within the Algarve’s National Park region, where you will find good waves, empty line ups in an absolutely unique natural scenery!

Free Surf Spot Guiding

Every morning we evaluate the wave and weather forecast with you, and give you a recommendation for the day. Depending on the size and quality of the waves, swell direction, wind direction and tide we find the right surf spot for you. We are happy to explain to you how you find the best spots with your rental car, with maps and drawings! This way you’ll be able to spend more time at the beach and in the water.

There are many hidden surf gems in the Algarve, and with our local help and knowledge you’ll certainly be able to access new places! If you have any further questions on the windsurfing equipment, surf fitness, certain tricks or manoeuvres just chat with us about your needs.
For us, surfing is more than a sport, it’s a passion, and we share our knowledge!