Surf Equipment Hire / Rentals Billabong Wetsuits, fatum, Torq and Bic Surfboards

You don’t have your own surfboard or don’t want to pay the expensive fares to bring your own equipment? You have just one short board, but the waves are more suited to a Fish or Funboard?

We have over 70 surfboards to choose from!

For beginners we have Softboards in various sizes, these guarantee a safe and fast learning. If you have already taken a surf lesson, we recommend a sturdy board from the proven „classic“ series of Bic Surfboards (sizes: 5’10 – 6’7 – 7’3 – 7’9 – 8’4). Lighter in weight than a softboard but more sturdy than a shaped surfoard, we suggest the Bic boards of the „epoxy“ series.
Legendary are the 9’0 longboards (sizes: 6’10 – 7’0).

For advanced surfers staying in Deluxe Surf House Algarve – Portugal Surf Camp, we have the ultralight TORQ Surfboards available. These boards combine light weight composition with high stability. Torq Surfboards have the perfect shape for all surfers who have already mastered the basics and want to improve their surfing in green waves. (Sizes: Fish Boards: 6’3 – 6’6, 7’2 Funboards – 8’0)

We offer a selection of shapes by Fatum. Fatum Surfboards are one of the best surfboard shapers in Europe. We have intermediate shapes, advanced Shortboards, through to performance funboard shapes available (sizes: 6’0 – 6’1 – 6’2 – 6’3 – 6’6 – 6’8 – 7’0 – 7 ’4 – 7’6) Test different shapes and find your dream board. You can even have your own board custom shaped to your desired specifications.

We have indepth knowledge of the differnet waves in the region, and can advise which boards are suitable for specific spots and conditions. Of course it is never a problem if you would like to select a different shape or if the conditions change. Depending on skills and preferences, we always have the right board for you. We are always happy to offer advise.

Fatum Surfboard Hire / Test Center

120 € / week – 25 € / day

For experienced surfers, we have a selection of handgeshapten Fatum surfboards.
6’ to 7’6 Shortboard Funboards


50 € / week – 8 € / day

Flexible long wetsuits for men and women

Torq Surfboards

100€ / week – 20€ / day

ultra-lightweight epoxy surfboard with EPS core for advanced surfers
6’3 Fish Board to 8’0 funboard